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Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Worksheets

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The spreadsheets below are tools to help you fill out the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application.

The first two spreadsheets are to be used for the full loan forgiveness application, and the bottom two spreadsheets are to be used for the EZ loan forgiveness application.

8 week Forgiveness Tracking Calculator
Download X • 76KB
24 week Loan Forgiveness Calculator - EZ
Download • 91KB

8 week Forgiveness Tracking Calculator
Download X • 76KB
24 week Loan Forgiveness Tracking Calcul
Download • 86KB

Please note: These spreadsheets were developed by one of our industry partners and have been reviewed by our team, but is not a guarantee of loan forgiveness.

Some tips for using the spreadsheet:

  • The only places you should enter figures is in the red boxes. The numbers in these cells feed into the formulas. If you make any changes to formulas, your entire worksheet will be incorrect. Please only make edits to the cells in red.

  • The data in the red cells is for example only. You should replace these figures with your own data.

  • Note that there are several tabs. The tabs “PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator” and “Application Totals” are what you will use to estimate your forgiveness amount and to fill out the Loan Forgiveness Application. All the other tabs should be filled out first, as the data from the rest of the tabs feed into these two.

  • Our recommendation is that after reviewing the information and the different tabs, delete the example data and start fresh.

  • Work through each tab, starting with Original FTE and fill them out as applicable for your business. If something does not apply, delete the example data so that it is not populating your formulas. For example, if you are an S-Corp, only complete the S & C Corp portion of the Owner's Compensation tab but remove the sample data from the other sections.

  • Once you’ve filled out all the information, go back to “Application Totals” and “PPP Loan Forgiveness Calculator” and fill in the remaining red cells with the appropriate information. These two tabs will then populate the information you need for the Loan Forgiveness Application and an estimate of what your forgiveness amount should be.

For ADP RUN users only:

In addition, we wanted to let you know that if you are an ADP RUN user, you have a loan forgiveness calculation that is built-in to the system. To access, simply go to:

Reports --> Reports Home --> View Additional Reports in RUN --> Select CARES SBA-PPP: Loan Forgiveness Application

This tool helps you fill out the information required for the loan forgiveness application by automatically entering your data.

We hope these tools will help you as you apply for loan forgiveness. Please direct questions to

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