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IRS ends unannounced revenue officer visits to taxpayers

Following the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the Internal Revenue Service put into place the new IRS Strategic Operating Plan. One of the new policy changes invoked by this plan states, “unannounced visits will end except in a few unique circumstances and will be replaced with mailed letters to schedule meetings.” Taxpayers needing assistance with resolving their account balances will now receive a letter in the mail known as a 725-B, where a follow-up meeting will be scheduled.

Some situations where unannounced visits will still take effect include:

·         Summonses and subpoenas

·         Seizure of assets, especially taxpayers that may be beyond the reach of the government

This plan is intended to increase the safety of IRS Field Collection employees, as well as taxpayers who are at risk of scammers visiting their homes.


To read the original article, you can visit the link below or the PDF attached.

IRS ends unannounced visits
Download PDF • 763KB

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